Print Info


Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”), derived from the French verb giclée meaning to squirt or spray, is a term used to describe the process of producing digital fine art prints with high-quality ink-jet printing. Utilizing Epson technology with the most advanced pigmented inks combined with high-quality archival canvas or paper. Giclee prints have superior archival quality, light fastness, and stability, resulting in a deep and brilliant reproduction, which will ensure a fade-resistant and long-lasting beautiful image for decades.


Only using the finest quality canvas which is an acid-free, incredibly durable, heavy cotton canvas that will not degrade over time. The surface is beautifully textured and specially prepared to accept and hold the highest quality inks. For added protection a special UV clear acrylic varnish is applied to each canvas, which not only adds protection from harmful UV rays, it’s also scratch-resistant, allowing them to radiate with brilliant color for generations to come.


For additional protection and brilliance,  the print is varnished with a special UV clear acrylic. Not only does this give protection from harmful UV rays, but this also minimizes the risk of scratches.


All canvas prints are hand-stretched around premium-hardwood stretcher bars, which are knot-free, straight, and beveled for minimal contact and fixed with staples on the back, ensuring the canvas remains taught.


Limited edition prints are limited to a specific number of copies. Each print carefully inspected for color, consistency, scratches, stretching, and other defects. Once the quality of the print is assured, it's then hand-numbered and signed by the Artist, with a matching identically numbered Certificate of Authenticity.